Tristan Archer Gets Tag-Teamed

tag-slam-suplex-comboI love seeing hot men get worked over. I equate the suffering you see on a guy’s face getting beat up with him getting penetrated. The eyes clench in pain, the mouth gasping wide open in shock (so big it can deep throat a thick cock), and the visible pain are similar to getting fucked.

tristan-ass-upTristan Archer is as top 10 as any wrestler — any supermodel or man really — can get in terms of looks. Handsome face, well-muscled pecs, abs, arms, quads, ass: he’s the total package (there’s that too!).

Tristan seems to have a steady stream of matches, including this one reported by Ringside of late. This particular match caught my eye because of 1) its recency and 2) the great camerawork. I usually write about matches I’ve seen long ago and frequent, but I saw this match pretty much a week after it came out. The cameraman did a great job of getting a lot of closeups and in HD, which translates to some great photos and gifs to create and salivate over.


There’s something really hot about seeing a guy get asphyxiated. A choke is open-handed so in a sense it’s more intimate. Tristan sells it well flailing his whole body around, his groin gyrating even. The hidden face showcases his flexing body all the more erotically, but when you do see his struggling face, it’s eyes are winced and the mouth really wide open as I’ve described before — the perfect suffering face.

choke-C-3 choke-BThere’s a great point in the match where the other two tag-team choking him, one after another and back to the first. One can just imagine the translation of this into a more sexual context.

Here are some stills that show the struggle of the face, or the struggle of a well-muscled body where the face is hidden (click pics for more hi rez shots):

tristan-choked tristan-bootchoked tristan-bootchoked-faceless

Momentum Stoppers

In wrestling, there is ebb and flow with the hero suddenly finding the strength to take on all his opponents. There’s excitement in that for sure, but for a hot guy, I root for his demise. Often a blind-sided attack that is just too much will stop the hero in his tracks and he will run miscalculated into an opponent’s powerful grab or just get dropped to the floor by a powerful blow.

boot-stopAnother type of momentum stopper is the corner beatup. The choke above certainly falls in this category. One of my favorites I like to call the “ab ram” — a series of midsection spears that certainly convey an “Unfff” feeling.

ab-ramHere’s an interesting study in photography. This next pic is blurrier, but the motion makes it a little more dramatic, doesn’t it?

ab-ram-unfSometimes a snapshot in time can be more intense than the actual video clip itself:



There is just something so delicious about an unfair fight. Well, if it’s for someone you’re rooting against, the satisfaction is in having got the better of the person in an underhanded way. This is usually a snub at the hero’s insistence on playing fairly. Coordinated attacks often have that extra excitement (or tug) as a result.

irishwhip-1 irishwhip-2-slamThe two-person whip is great. But to be flattened by the large opponent is particularly satisfying. The contrast of bodies emphasizes the dominance of size over beauty.

Likewise, a simple one guy grab, the other guy punches is also very effective at showing this unfair dominance.

gutpunch-setupI leave with a still of Tristan’s perfect butt in the perfect position:



Jesse Sorensen Is Back As Kelly King on BG East

I’m sure many will be pleased that Jesse Sorensen has found his way to BG East (as a friend has tipped me). Jesse was an athletic energetic hot-blooded stud whose TNA career ended prematurely after a bad ring injury. Though he couldn’t wrestle with TNA anymore, his love for wrestling has brought him to BG East and he wrestles as Kelly King. He has one match thus far against against Z-Man, and hopefully there will be more to come. Would love to hear if anyone has seen the match!

I can’t help but notice Jesse looks a little chunkier than I remember at least in his BG pic. It’s not because of his injury as he’s had matches since where he looks fantastic (one reported by Wrestling Arsenal).

Actually though, my friend did tip me that Jesse has sustained another injury hampering his career again. Poor kid. Honestly, the chunky thing is unimportant all things considered, but this is a gay wrestling blog, and I comment on anything that gets me going (or in this case, less so now). But I really hope Jesse gets better because I know this boy loves wrestling. And we can thank the stars that Jesse has found his way to BG East as I’m not sure he would’ve taken that path given what a burgeoning star he was becoming at TNA before his injury.

Interesting fact: Jesse used to wrestle both with and against Nick Fame who I blogged about earlier. As partners they were Hunks in Trunks — a very fitting name for the both — and there are many hot YouTube videos of them (I prefer seeing them fight against each other so there’s double the hot muscle at any given moment).

A.J. Styles Gets Fucked UP by Samoa Joe

A.J. Styles suffers getting squashed by the full weight Samoa Joe

A.J. Styles suffers getting squashed by the full weight Samoa Joe

One of my all-time favorite rivalries is between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe in 2005 at TNA. A.J. is your typical good-looking well-muscled hero and Joe is a hefty but quick powerhouse with a bad heel attitude. A.J. had established himself as quite the success with versatile high-flying moves as well as powerful slams (it’s unfortunate he’s homophobic, but as Joe at Ringside contemplates, “he makes my dick hard”). A.J. really did put Samoa Joe over as this beast, this Samoan Submission Machine who had ten times the power in his blows and who used his big body in a combination of holds to make you tap out. In their matches, especially pay-per-view, Joe manhandled A.J. in numerous and often disdainful ways.

No Small Blows

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Even a simple punch or kick by the big Samoan sends our hero reeling. What he doesn’t realize is that his “quickness” will be useless and he won’t be able to fend off the multitude of attacks he’ll be on the receiving end of.

Relentless Blows

After seeing the damage of single hits, imagine how A.J. suffers with a combination of blows. The face of TNA wrestling gets brutalized one hit after another and he feels the pain.

Momentum Halters

All hero-types are “fighters” and A.J. is no different. No matter what Goliath he’s facing he’ll tap into that fighting spirit he’s so famous for … but this time he is abruptly halted and rendered impotent again.

No Small Holds

06.04-aj-styles-arms-spreadJust like single punches and kicks by the Samoan Machine are brutal, so are normal holds by the Submission Master. Joe practically rips A.J.’s arms apart with this simple move.


Relentless Holds

Big Joe sits back on A.J. exposing his bulge

Big Joe cockily sits back on A.J. exposing his bulge

Big Joe shuts up the hero with his big arm

Big Joe shuts up the hero with his bigger arm

Moving from one excruciating hold to another gives our big shot muscle stud a workout he’s never had before. Joe dominates A.J. like his little bitch moving expertly from one torture hold to another.

Taunting Moves

In addition to out-wrestling our hero, the Samoan Submission Machine ensures he does so with total disrespect. He takes every opportunity to scoff at the worked-out athlete with small kicks at an already dazed A.J. to demonstrate his superiority.

Overwhelming Power

Big Joe definitely uses the full brunt of his weight to squash our hero in trunks as seen in the opening photo of this post. He continues the onslaught and doesn’t hold back using his full weight and power to decimate his prey.

Humiliation: Rolling Cradle

The Samoan fighter has an array of moves just to embarrass his opponent. One is the Rolling Cradle where the victim is held in Joe’s strong legs and forced to roll halfway across the ring’s circumference. In this case, the muscle jock is so confused afterward he completely misses his signature Pelé kick, which NEVER fails to connect. Of course, Big Joe punishes the HELL out of him for missing it.

Humiliation: Facewash

Another move Big Joe uses to humiliate his prey is the Facewash. He literally forces A.J. to eat the dirt off his boots, signifying the hero has no chance by defiling his handsome face. It’s a power move too as the Samoan fighter knocks out the breathless stud before and after with full-momentum leg blows.

Finish Him: Muscle Buster

The Samoan Submission Machine uses an arsenal of attacks and grabs to finish off the humiliated hero each time. It starts with the Muscle Buster setup which sometimes he starts with a big slap; other times he begins by just hoisting the by then lifeless A.J. to the top turnbuckle. He bends the helpless stud over up high, spreading his legs unceremoniously upside-down, parades him around the ring before slamming him down in this vulnerable position. However, for the ruthless Samoan, all this is just the appetizer …

Finish Him: Rear Naked Choke

The heroic stud is utterly defeated by being grabbed again from behind in a rear naked choke. A.J. is already dazed and could probably have been counted out from the previous Muscle Buster, but the villainous Joe wants to feel the masculine do-gooder plead for mercy. At both pay-per-views, A.J. gets ass-raped with this finish. The first time, he is annihilated with this one-two combo finish. The second time, he’s outsmarted as Joe deviously pulls him in when he thinks he has the upper hand.

Final Images

Note, the images in this post have been taken from these pay-per-views in 2005:

  • the mid-year Sacrifice
  • a three way they shared with Christopher Daniels at Unbreakable
  • the year-end Turning Point


When Stud Nick Fame Gets Oneupped by Posh Maxwell Chicago


Wrestling has been referred to as soap opera for men and I tend to agree. I feel the last couple of decades have focused on storytelling to a degree not done before. There are many ways to introduce conflict between two men as seen in literature and wrestling is no different. I love when this conflict is apparent immediately in the background of the men, as seen here between a whiny suit-wearing highfalutin Maxwell Chicago and a typical masculine muscular jock Nick Fame. I know it’s stereotypical, but there are definitely real world parallels.

nick-fame-holding-maxwell-chicagoMost YouTube matches start with Max getting some cheap shots before becoming overpowered, who plays the coward well. Some trademarks include:

  • Prematch pleading to not fight
  • Preemptive attacks to a turned back
  • Biting painfully to the max count
  • Odd Xena-like yells that successfully elicit “What the hell?” crowd responses
  • Pitiful pleas like “Please let me win” & “Stop hitting me”

spacerAll this contrasts with the handsome high-school jock Fame who as his name implies is popular. With a minimal body fat build, he struts around proudly in nothing but his tight trunks. He doesn’t hesitate at any opportunity to high-five a spectator or arrogantly flex his worked-out muscles as seen below:


All this makes Max’s victories all the more enjoyable, when they occur. As a showman, Max excels because he is so audibly verbal. When he has the upper hand, Max gloats “C’mon here pretty boy” taunting the popular stud like anyone has ever fantasized. After a heated moment in battle when he’s able to catch a breath, Max blurts out “I hate that you’re so much better looking than me!” After biting the helpless jock to the maximum count, he disdainfully spits out “Tastes like Abercrombie & Fitch!”

nick-fame-rope-choke-by-maxwell-chicagoAs a result, we secretly celebrate when Max gets a combo neckbreaker or chokes out the heroic stud. Even though he cheats and whines, it’s the fact that he finds some way to overcome this well-muscled athlete who seems like success was handed to him, that gives us delight.spacerI conclude by saying how brilliantly I think these two men play their parts both emotionally and physically. They’ve created a good feud as evidenced by several YouTube matches and it’s clear fans in the audience are either excitedly cheering for or against each wrestler. Max surprisingly has lots of fans because his cowardly performance is comedic. There’s one time where the Shirley Temple he was drinking was kicked back in his face that was pretty hilarious.

nick-fame-bitten2 nick-fame-bitten1nick-fame-closeup-horizontal2

Sheamus’ Torture Pec Rack Humiliation

(Note: I further analyze this move by breaking down its steps in this article)

I love this move that is uniquely Sheamus’ (that I’ve seen so far). Wrestling Arsenal has a superb article about everything that makes it so great. It immobilizes the victim and humiliates him by putting his body on display like a trophy (hence his label “Trophy Hold,” much better than its official name “Beats of the Bodhrán”). I would argue the move takes it further to distort and emasculate said trophy. By forcing the upper body forward to the spotlight, the naturally ripped pecs and abs of a worked out athlete are stretched flat. Just check out these comparing pics of Randy Orton:


De-faced and de-formed, is this just some random jobber??

Certainly not anything like this Randy!


Sure, Randy still has some definition as any A-list frat wrestler does, but it’s now barely discernible, especially the distinct pec cleavage dividing two formerly massive chest muscles. The Celtic Warrior’s huge arm, in addition to totally controlling the head (and thus the body), also masks the face of the opponent. Without a face, the victim’s body looks like teenage boy in the beginning stages of puberty — significantly less powerful and more helpless than the masculine muscular wrestler he’s supposed to be.

Here are three of my favorite victims:

1) Big Dick Barrett


See full animated GIF story here
Note: view on web (not mobile) to see captions

The big Englishman former bare-knuckle fighter has always been a presence physically at 6’7″ with massive everything: arms, pecs, thighs. As a predominant heel, it’s a joy to see him dish out punishment, especially coming from his NXT rookie arrogant background. Which makes it that much more satisfying to see the tables turned on his voluptuously muscular body. The Celtic Warrior easily ties up the stud’s big guns on the ropes and Big Dick Barrett is helpless like a little girl, shaking his head in fear as to what’s to come.

2) Cody Rhodes

See full animated GIF story here
Note: view on web (not mobile) to see captions

Cody has got to be one of the smallest wrestlers in the WWE in the standard trunks/knee pads/boots-only getup. No slouch at 6’2″ though his baby face makes his body seem all the more young and supple. When Sheamus got to have his way with the little kid, he gleefully relished the moment with Cody. He took extra time to display Cody’s nubile body. You can also see the crazy fervor as he becomes more manic and brutal in clubbing. The contrast of the two bodies heightens eroticism as well. The Celtic Warrior is a massive muscle machine with pale white skin. Cody looks all the more smaller, his white jobber trunks contrasting his beauty-tanned skin, which seems all the more ridiculous in a wrestling match. Sheamus seemingly laughs at Cody’s metrosexual focus on his looks just by dominating him with his ivory white, warrior-esque build as it has no place in the rough wrestling ring.

3) Batista


See full animated GIF story here
Note: view on web (not mobile) to see captions

Batista was always a force to be reckoned with, a real man’s man. He had incredible musculature and an intensity in the ring unmatched. Like Big Dick Barrett, it was a pleasure to watch him dominate all those who would stand in his way, small or big. I never thought I’d get pleasure seeing the brutal Animal get tamed, but the Great White just amplifies everyone’s sexy in this move as it displays their vulnerability so well. A big part of this is that Sheamus’ skin tone is so unique it contrasts with all his victims, simultaneously magnifying his dominance and diminishing their masculinity. Batista’s many once-badass tattoos now seem frivolous and his well-muscled front upper body is almost as flat as a surfboard. You didn’t think you could just step immediately back into main card status after deciding to leave the company four years ago did you Batista?

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson in Pics

Screenshots from their match in November 2011 at Turning Point via this video. For more pics and thoughts, check out my more in-depth article.

Male Model to MMA Fighter

(Quick therapy paragraph for myself) Man, blog writing is hard. I want to lay everything out, have the right balance of pics to text, and I try to do this even before I touch the computer. It took a week just to set up this blog (I also played/still play with another blog on Blogspot). Trying to balance that with just finding hot guys has been a challenge. So I kept putting off wrestling matches I wanted to write about, and now I find myself quickly getting something up about a  random article that peaked my interest, which isn’t about the wrestling I wanted to be writing about, but oh well.

I saw this article, and the words “male model” and “UFC debut” gave me instant wood. Never even noticed the guy (who is not bad at all). The thought of a pretty face with a tight body trying to make it in a sport, beyond just “fake” wrestling, and into the brutally real MMA ring, was just so hot in that instant.

There are several ironies:

  • I don’t normally find MMA arousing because …
  • … I find MMA less dramatic as a viewer than wrestling (lots of long strategic waiting for an opening)
  • I have the utmost respect for professional wrestlers and their dedication and don’t find it “fake,” but in the moment, MMA seemed hotter because it was more “real”
  • I’m usually repulsed by face injuries (not a fan of razoring in wrestling), I got aroused that some pretty boy model was going to get his handsome face reconstructed by an MMA fighter
  • I normally fantasize about being more physically aggressive with wrestlers than models, but here I got to bridge the world and think about doing things to a model I’d normally save for a wrestler

Anyhow, here are some more pics of Alan:

Again, everything above happened really only seeing the title and just briefly the title pic (shown at the very top).