Tristan Archer Gets Tag-Teamed

tag-slam-suplex-comboI love seeing hot men get worked over. I equate the suffering you see on a guy’s face getting beat up with him getting penetrated. The eyes clench in pain, the mouth gasping wide open in shock (so big it can deep throat a thick cock), and the visible pain are similar to getting fucked.

tristan-ass-upTristan Archer is as top 10 as any wrestler — any supermodel or man really — can get in terms of looks. Handsome face, well-muscled pecs, abs, arms, quads, ass: he’s the total package (there’s that too!).

Tristan seems to have a steady stream of matches, including this one reported by Ringside of late. This particular match caught my eye because of 1) its recency and 2) the great camerawork. I usually write about matches I’ve seen long ago and frequent, but I saw this match pretty much a week after it came out. The cameraman did a great job of getting a lot of closeups and in HD, which translates to some great photos and gifs to create and salivate over.


There’s something really hot about seeing a guy get asphyxiated. A choke is open-handed so in a sense it’s more intimate. Tristan sells it well flailing his whole body around, his groin gyrating even. The hidden face showcases his flexing body all the more erotically, but when you do see his struggling face, it’s eyes are winced and the mouth really wide open as I’ve described before — the perfect suffering face.

choke-C-3 choke-BThere’s a great point in the match where the other two tag-team choking him, one after another and back to the first. One can just imagine the translation of this into a more sexual context.

Here are some stills that show the struggle of the face, or the struggle of a well-muscled body where the face is hidden (click pics for more hi rez shots):

tristan-choked tristan-bootchoked tristan-bootchoked-faceless

Momentum Stoppers

In wrestling, there is ebb and flow with the hero suddenly finding the strength to take on all his opponents. There’s excitement in that for sure, but for a hot guy, I root for his demise. Often a blind-sided attack that is just too much will stop the hero in his tracks and he will run miscalculated into an opponent’s powerful grab or just get dropped to the floor by a powerful blow.

boot-stopAnother type of momentum stopper is the corner beatup. The choke above certainly falls in this category. One of my favorites I like to call the “ab ram” — a series of midsection spears that certainly convey an “Unfff” feeling.

ab-ramHere’s an interesting study in photography. This next pic is blurrier, but the motion makes it a little more dramatic, doesn’t it?

ab-ram-unfSometimes a snapshot in time can be more intense than the actual video clip itself:



There is just something so delicious about an unfair fight. Well, if it’s for someone you’re rooting against, the satisfaction is in having got the better of the person in an underhanded way. This is usually a snub at the hero’s insistence on playing fairly. Coordinated attacks often have that extra excitement (or tug) as a result.

irishwhip-1 irishwhip-2-slamThe two-person whip is great. But to be flattened by the large opponent is particularly satisfying. The contrast of bodies emphasizes the dominance of size over beauty.

Likewise, a simple one guy grab, the other guy punches is also very effective at showing this unfair dominance.

gutpunch-setupI leave with a still of Tristan’s perfect butt in the perfect position:



13 comments on “Tristan Archer Gets Tag-Teamed

  1. BlaZe says:

    WOW! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been missing Mr Archer


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great article and one of the reasons why I so enjoy wrestling. You have describe all the ingredients that make wrestling so horny, good looking jobber, two mean heels and the sexual element of wrestling domination


  3. Bad Eastendlad says:

    Thanks very much for posting this article. You describe the elements of why I enjoy pro wresting. The good looking jobber, who is sexually dominated by the two heels. Archer is the perfect horny jobber who needs to be dominated so sexually.


  4. elijav says:

    Thanks so much for the compliments! Writing is stressful for me so it makes it worthwhile when people write and tell me they enjoy it.


  5. Paul says:

    What I love about this is that his opponent are inferior muscle-wise, Tristian is the stud here. Having big muscles doesn’t always equate to a win. Tag team means they can gang up and make the muscleman SUFFER. And they do a great job of that here.


  6. LetsDoIt says:

    What a great entry 🙂
    What is the name of this match? I’d love to see it.


  7. kalabro says:

    I love this piece! It really does get at why I love BDSM art and drawing muscular men being dominated and destroyed–usually in a VERY unfair fight. It really gets me going. Thanks!


  8. elijav says:

    Thank YOU for the kind note! It means a lot to me to that people appreciate my work and GET it.


  9. Kevin says:

    Afternoon… Really love Tristan getting the beat down. I can’t find the entire match. Do you have the names of the other wrestlers or a link to the whole match? Thanks KD


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